Digital Pen

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What is a Digital Pen Solution?

Information is often called the lifeblood of business and the ability to gather, process and analyze data can be the determinant factor between its success and failure. Today, hand written documents still serve as one of the most fundamental and reliable ways of capturing information. These handwritten paper forms are then transcribed and manually entered into a database or system in order to begin most business processes. In addition, these paper documents are usually scanned in order to render them in a digital format. This is an arduous and time consuming process, prone to human error and unnecessary redundancies. Many solution providers continue to ask the question: “How can we streamline day-to-day paperwork processes without disrupting the simplicity of using ordinary pen and paper?”

Infosys International's Digital Pen Solution utilizes the Anoto digital pen & paper technology, to capture handwritten information, transfer it into a digital form and utilize the data to initiate real-time workflows without disrupting the simplicity of ordinary pen and paper transactions. Infosys International provides end-to-end services including solution design, implementation, training and support to enable the digital pen technology at corporate and government organizations.

Digital Pen

Digital Pen & Paper Technology

Digital pen internal parts

The digital pen technology utilizes a normal ballpoint pen equipped with an infrared camera and regular paper forms that are over-laid with unique microscopic dot patterns. When writing, the digital pen records pen strokes using its camera and utilizes the dot patterns embedded on the paper form to determine the position of pen strokes.

The data stored on the pen can then be transmitted to a computer through a mobile phone using a Bluetooth connection or via a USB docking station. In this way, the document image along with the data from the pen strokes can be extracted in real-time and transmitted as an XML data source.

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