ACTAtek is a world-class SSL-protected web-based Access Control and Time Attendance System with Biometrics and Smart Card Technology. With all software and hardware built-in to the system, ACTAtek can be used in a standalone mode without the need of costly & complex dedicated architecture. Network support from the reliable TCP/IP networking protocol allows ACTAtek to be operated in a multiple device environment in primary & secondary mode enhancing its functionalities. Moreover, its modular build allows ACTAtek to be integrated with a range of devices for the different modules attached, such as the fingerprint sensor, card reader, built-in camera - to name few.


  • SSL-encrypted biometric & smart card authentication Internet Appliance.
  • Modular design for easy integration and maintenance.
  • Client/server architecture with LDAP (Lotus Directory) Architecture.
  • Remote Monitoring via TCP/IP communication protocol.
  • Access Methods include: Biometrics, Smart Card & PIN.
  • Economical & Cost-saving with All Software & Hardware built-in.
  • Real Time update and system or user configuration.
  • Control, Configure & Administrate via LAN or Internet.
  • Multi-Lingual Support for global penetration.
  • Integration with Weigand 26-bit output.
  • Weatherproof Casing for withstanding adverse external environment conditions.
  • Optional Communication via: RS-232 / RJ45 / USB / RS485 / Wi-Fi

Safe & Reliable

ACTAtek offers you a multitude of options to maximize security at the lowest possible cost. Its SSL-protected web server technology eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome dedicated PC's or specialized IT personnel, while providing you with maximum flexibility and convenience.

A 24/7 security management solution developed for various scenarios, from residential, remote offices to multi-location offices - locally or worldwide. By enhancing profitability and efficiency, it optimizes cost-savings and maximizes revenues.

ACTAtek provides you with the ability to control, configure and administer your properties with any standard web browser over the corporate network or through the Internet with real time data and NO additional hardware or software installations. Moreover, ALL communication between the system and the web is extensively encrypted to provide additional security to users.

With both smart card and fingerprint modules, ACTAtek has the ability to store the fingerprint templates directly onto the smart card which enhance its security. Moreover, multiple-location deployment demands for flawless & secure synchronization between devices. ACTAtek has the ability to synchronize data across all devices in real time without any geographical constraints.

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ACTAtek is a registered trademark of Hectrix Limited.